Seal Gas Heaters

Seal Gas Heaters are used in pipeline compressor stations, process compressors, and anywhere that gas compression equipment with dry gas seals is operating. The seal gas must be heated above the dew point to prevent the introduction of moisture into the seal, as the presence of moisture will compromise the seal, releasing process gas. Seal Gas Heaters provide precise temperature control for seal gas. These systems are designed to operate under high pressure with widely variable flow conditions. Heat is transferred to the sealing gas process either directly using an immersion circulation heater, or indirectly using an electric heater immersed in an oil bath or aluminum casting containing the process coil.


  • ASME design and construction
  • Voltages up to 690V AC
  • Global certifications including CSA C/US, UL, IECEX, ATEX, and EAC.
  • ASME design and construction on all pressure boundary parts.

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