TraceNet™ Command

Software til kontrol og overvågning af varmekabel systemer


Thermon has raised the bar on control and monitoring with TraceNet™ Command. This innovative suite of applications offers superior centralized control and monitoring of an industrial plant’s electrical heat tracing system.

Operators optimize system performance, and save energy costs

Flexible Operations Reduce Operating Costs

  • Applications allow for lean plant operations
  • Access for alarm troubleshooting, circuit control, and key performance indicators
  • Centralized data = flexible network construction = optimized operator interaction

Optimizing Return on Investment

Thermon is the industry leader in electrical process heating solutions. We have elevated the standard for industrial process control and monitoring with TraceNet™ Command. Using the TraceNet DCDTM Data Concentrator Device, plant operators connect to multiple controllers rapidly. By employing a server to store plant data, operators monitor and control any authorized workstation in the plant. Plant supervisors can dedicate less operator time to monitoring electrical heat tracing, while still ensuring the expected high level of safety and operational continuity of the heat trace system, saving plant operation costs.

Kontakt TRANEX for yderligere information.

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